The rich taste of coffee, warm hug of chile de arbol, sweet raisens, bright lime and hint of toasted sesame seeds makes this sauce a perfect match for chicken, beef, pork or any earthy vegetables. 


UNHOLY MOLE - Black Coffee Mole

  • WHITE VINEGAR, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, BREWED COFFEE (coffee, water), LIME, TAMATO PUREE (tomato paste, vinegar, sugar, water, salt), SALT, WORCESTERSHIRE (vinegar, anchovies. garlic, molasses, onion, salt, sugar, water, chili extract, cloves, natural flavors, tamarind extract), CHILE DE ARBOL, CINNAMON, GARLIC, ONION, RAISINS, ARROWROOT, BLACK ONYX COCOA (alkalized), TAHINI (sesame seeds, salt), SESAME OIL, PAPRIKA, CUMIN, CORIANDER, SUGAR, RED PEPPER FLAKES, CAYENNE, OREGANO, BLACK PEPPER, CILANTRO, BASIL, NUTMEG, CLOVES, XANTHAN GUM