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Moscow/Pullman locals only (this time around)


Four teams of Two
Three In-Person Challenges
One Finale

To Sign up: Please email Spike at I will need full names, phone numbers and email addresses of both teammates.


NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WHO CAN EAT THE HOTTEST SAUCE CHALLENGE. It’s a series of fun/silly challenges using hot sauce related items. Like paint a picture with hot sauce or get the habanero through the hoop (two challenges from last year.)


You will need to sign two releases - one for permission to use your image and one for injury. They both are legal and sound far more ominous than they are. They are standard. We are not planning on having anyone do any major stunts. That said, we do need to cover ourselves.


The Contest Structure – Excluding the prelims, the rest of the challenges will be by appointment and most will be filmed at the Breakfast Club after hours, though we may find other locations.


   0. Preliminaries – This challenge will be online. You will be asked to submit a video challenge and our fans (along with your friends and family) will vote for you. The top four teams will be allowed to move forward and actively participate. The runner up teams will be alternates. If a team cannot fulfill the challenge for any reason, the first alternate team will be allowed to step in. And again with the second and so on.

  1. The first solo challenge. Only one person on the team will be in this challenge. And while both contestants are allowed to show up, the other teammate will need to be in another room while the challenge takes place.

  2. Second solo team challenge. The same as above but for the other team member. (If at any time a single team member can’t make it, a replacement can step in, but that replacement will have to continue through the rest of the challenges.

  3. Team Challenge – Both teammates will need to be available for this challenge.

  4. Grand Finale – This is for the winning team only. There can only be one winner. There are no runner ups.


Things to note: Tie breakers are determined by whomever signs up for the games first. SO DON’T WAIT! We had a few close calls last year and you could win simply because you got your submission in before someone else.

The Judge is the boss. She doles out the points. Her name is Haley, but you should call her “Judge.” Bribes will be allowed, but in a structured way and only at a certain time. We will explain bribes later.



1. Don’t break the law.
2. Don’t be a jerk.
3. Don’t get too competitive. Remember, this more about entertainment than competition. The Judge is meant to make fun of us all. It’s not real. The primary goal is to entertain the viewers.

4. Cussing is allowed but please refrain from any derogatory language. General respect is the key.


1. Do be respectful of our partners. We will be filming in the establishments of several of our partners. Please be respectful of their rules, regulations and staff.
2. Be more willing to laugh at yourself than others.
3. Please Please Please be on time. Excessive tardiness might cause the judge to dock you points.
4. DO use Spike as your assistant as much as possible in the challenges. Also at every chance (and you will get them) make sure to make fun of him and make him pay for creating the challenges. Use and abuse (within reason) while completing your challenges. He is there for you to take your frustrations out on (in an appropriate, funny way, of course).
5. Do be vaccinated for Covid-19. We will be filming at the locations of some of our partners and we want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. This isn’t political. It is a matter of mutual respect for their space.
6. We encourage you to dress silly, but please be prepared to wear your costumes more than once. No masks or over the top makeup please. We need to see your faces. Also, we will be recording you. Please try to keep loud clothes to a minimum. (We had someone wear an awesome jump suit last year, but it killed all of the audio for that challenge.)
7. Do be local to the Moscow, ID/Pullman, WA area.

Everyone who actively participates all the way through gets a free Irish Spike’s t-shirt and a fun story to tell about the dumb hot sauce contest they participated in.

The winner gets a life-sized trophy of our head and a one of a kind hot sauce (6 bottles in total) made especially for them.


I look forward to all the fun!

Love and Hot Sauce,


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